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The ForumWales Resource section has been created to help Welsh learners find help and assistance via the Internet and the 'real' world. Whether it's a pointer to a discussion at ForumWales or a website which we believe will help those learning Welsh, you can find a growing collection of information in this section of the site.

If you have any suggestions for additions to this Resource list, please let us know:

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This sub-section list numerous proverbs in both Welsh and English. This listing provides an interesting way of learning Welsh words! More will be added and if you have one you think should be listed, let us know:

English Welsh
He who tills the land will have plenty. A arddo diroedd a gaiff ddigonedd.
He who buys meat buys bones.
A bryn gig a bryn esgyrn.
He who searches most for satisfaction will be furthest from it.
A chwilia fwyaf am fodlondeb a fydd bellaf oddi wrtho.
He who reads, let him reflect.
A ddarlleno, ystyried.
He who steals an egg will steal more.
A ddwg wy a ddwg fwy.
He who would be leader let him be a bridge.
A fo ben bid bont.
He who leads a godly life will die happy. A fo byw yn dduwiol a fydd marwr yn ddedwydd
He who desires fame, let him die. A fynno glod, bid farw.
He who would be healthy, let him be cheerful. A fynno iechyd bid lawen
He who deceives shall be decived.
A wnêl dwyll, ef a dwyllir.
He who reflects, let him remember.
A ystyrio, cofied.
Birds of a feather flock together.
Adar o'r unlliw hedant i'r un lle.
Every desire is fleeting.
Adeiniog pob chwant.
Adversity brings knowledge, and knowledge wisdom.
Adfyd a ddwy wybodaeth, a gwybodaeth ddoethineb.
A man is recognized by the friends he keeps.
Adwaenir dyn wrth ei gyfeillion.
The fool is recognized by his dress.
Adwaenir ffôl wrth ei wisg.
Death is ripe for the old.
Aeddfed angau i hen.
A rotten apple spoils the others.
Afal pwdr a ddryga'i gyfeillion.
Everything needless is waste. Afrad pob afraid.
An angel abroad, and a devil at home.
Angel pen ffordd, a diawl pen tân.
Hope is a safe anchor.
Angor diogel yw gobaith.
Idleness is the key to poverty.
Allwedd tlodi, seguryd.
There are more fools than gentlemen. Amlach ffwl na gwr bonheddig.
The unwise has a ready tongue. Annoeth, llithrig ei dafod.
He who refuses inexpensive advice buys a costly repentence. A wrthodo gyngor rhad a bryn edifeirwch drud.
The grave makes everybody equal. Bedd a wna bawb yn gydradd.
Everything one has in this world is only borrowed for a short time. Benthyg dros amser byr yw popeth a geir yn y byd hwn.
Everything one loves is tasty. Blasus pob peth a gerir.
The liar is brother to the thief.
Brawd yw celwyddog i leidr.
Righteousness is the queen of all feats. Brenhines pob camp, cyfiawnder.
Bread is the king of all foods. Brenin y bwyd yw bara.
Sleep little, live long. Byr ei hun, hir ei hoedl.
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